Data and Systems Protection

dataprot2We deliver backup and data security on individual servers and entire networks, ensuring our customers have complete business continuity. We provide real time data back-up to elimate data loss and ensure 100% consistent data, while reducing downtime significantly.

Our very secure off-site backup solution ensures your data will be accessible regardless of the nature of on-site disasters. We can get your business up and running within minutes, whatever the situation. You will get expert consultancy on putting contingency plans in place. The advise will always aim for a flexible solution that can be adapted to changing requirements. Servers and databases will be encrypted and back-up nightly to off-site storage facilities. Your data can be restored at any time, night or day.

Services Provided

  • Disaster Recovery Service, to salvage data lost from inaccessible, damaged, failed or reformatted storage media.
  • Real-Time Backup Solution, with our specialized software to replicate data as it is created to on-location storage units.
  • Off-Site Backup Solution, providing automated abackups on our remote servers for critical data, secured with 256-bit AES encryption standard.

“Backup is a continuous task. As long as data is being created or modified, backups will need to be updated.”


Basic Facts about Backup

  • The necessity for data back-up increases proportionally with the importance of the data.
  • Backups are only as useful as their associated restore strategy
  • Storing back-ups near the original is unwise as localized damages like electrical surges are likely to cause damage to both the original and the backup simultaneously
  • Automated backup and scheduling should be considered, as manual backups can be affected by human error.
  • Backups can fail without constant attention, therefore verification and monitoring strategies are essential.
  • Backups should be stores in open/standard format for future recovery, in case the software used initially to create it becomes obsolete.