IT Outsourcing

To achieve optimal business growth, you require an unending focus on clients, business innovation and IT.  You need to attain a delicate balance where you reduce your application environment costs while constantly being engaged in innovation and optimisation. We will enable you to achieve this. Our professionals will help in ensuring that your IT applications are dependable and cost-effective. With our adaptive technology and sourcing options, we will help you to respond quickly to the ever-changing business demands. Our IT outsourcing services, offered to our clients in Singapore, not only enhances productivity and customer experience, but also facilitates the expansion of your business. 

We support your growing business with our infrastructure solutions, applications and economical process management. Right from customer engagement to implementation, we offer a wide range of IT support services. Our experts assure a strong commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction. 

With our IT outsourcing services, we can manage those elements of your business that are considered to be non-core. Our trained and skilled IT professionals are able to take care of your Information Technology needs, thus helping you focus more on your core business that will bring sales and revenue to your organisation.

Full-time IT Personnel VS Enix Outsourcing Fresh Polytechnic GRADUATE ENIX OUTSOURCING
Starting cost (p.a) S$21,168# As low as S$1,200*
Yearly CPF contribution S$3,822 S$0
Bonus and annual wage supplement S$3,528^ S$0
Investment in training and skill upgrading S$3,000 – 5,000 S$0
14 – 21 days annual leave S$1,235 – 1,852 S$0
Medical and staff benefits S$1,000 – 3,000 S$0
Recruitment Agency Fee (one month salary) S$1,764 S$0
Total S$35,517 – 40,134 S$1,200* ONLY!!

 # Statistics have been taken from the Ministry of Manpower 2008 Report on Employment and Monthly Gross Starting Salary of Polytechnic Diploma Graduates in Information Management; Information Technology; Information Technology (Computer Studies) 2008.

Based on one month bonus and one month annual wage supplement * Terms and Conditions Apply

Enix Outsourcing Services assure:

  • Talented, skilful and committed engineers and service delivery managers
  • Dependable Service Provider that assures high integrity and confidentiality
  • Complete access to up-to-date technologies, technical expertise, resources and competencies
  • Enhanced performance efficiency that assures productivity in non-core business process
  • Enhanced service flexibility to scale up ICT needs along with your business growth

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