Office Virtual Remote IT Support

Office Virtual Remote IT Support

Our Virtual Remote Helpdesk services allow us to deploy our engineers virtually, on demand to support you and solve your technical issues. This reduces problem relay errors if the person troubleshooting on the end-user side is unsure of the situation and does not articulate the situation accurately.

With this technology, time is saved, costs are lowered, and our engineers are able to handle more support incidents within the same amount of time.

Step 1: Download For Windows/Mac and Run the Application



Downloads are checked daily and verified to be safe.

Step 2: Tell Us Your ID Number


The diagram explains how the entire process works. We will then be able to help you troubleshoot the issue remotely, as if we’re sitting beside you. Connection is secure and cannot be hacked. Once the service is completed, our engineer will disconnect, and the session will terminate securely.

  1. Submits a remote service request via email, phone, or direct contact.
  2. Choose and download the correct version of the remote software.
  3. Run the remote software application.
  4. Tell us your ID number.
  5. The user’s computer is accessed from a remote location. The trouble-shooting begins.