Door Access and Time Attendance

Face Recognition Door Access System with Time Attendance

The latest state of the art technology face recognition door access system allow a touch-less door entry system just by recognizing a face entry once a user approaches the reader.

The reader also comes with built-in time attendance machine which log data can
be extracted via USB or network. The logs can also be exported as EXCEL file
for payroll computation. Live tracking and multiple readers can be installed to
form a comprehensive security access system.
Elegant touch screen panel allow user to gain access via PIN as well. The
reader also comes with built-in card access entry function. Side panel is
equipped with built-in infrared red LEDs to allow face capture in low light
condition. 3D detection sensor prevent any fraud entry via photos or printed
Biometric Door Access System with Time Attendance

The biometric door access system combines the function of a time attendance
machine which allow employees to gain access to an entry as well as
registering their attendance in one simple step.

The biometric door system allow access via fingerprint or card or PIN.
Fingerprint scanning is fast with great accuracy. Anti-corrosion glass sensor
allow countless fingerprint scanning with great reliability.

Attendance logs can be retrieved by USB or by network in excel file format. Live
tracking can be achieved by linking with a PC using network.

The software also allow multiple readers to be linked together to form a
comprehensive security network access system.

Card Door Access System

The card door access system allow basic protection against intruders to
unauthorised area. The card reader will only be allowed to gain access to area
upon successful PIN or registered EM card.

The card door access system can also be combined with back-up battery panel to maintain security even when there is a power failure.